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FLIGHT is the most innovative and comprehensive program purely designed to transform you into a bad-ass Olympic Weightlifter. 

If you're like most aspiring Weightlifters, you've probably...
- attended a bunch of seminars.
- joined a specialty class.
- read article after article
- watched tons of lifting videos on the internet trying to learn how the pros do it
- spent countless hours in the gym practicing technique

Only to keep struggling when it came time to hit new PRs on the snatch, clean and jerk.

We've noticed that many people begin the journey to mastering the lifts but due to obstacles like technique, strength, mobility, nutrition, programming, time and motivation, eventually hit a wall and fall short of reaching their goals.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

That’s why we created FLIGHT. We wanted to create a comprehensive training program designed specifically to overcome every single obstacle that stands in the way of you becoming a great weightlifter.

We created this program with all the knowledge from all lessons we've learned from the mistakes we've made, the athletes we've coached, and the experts we've worked with so that YOU can be successful on this journey.

It's the program we wish we had when starting our own journey...

So if you're one of our Barbell Shrugged listeners who told us you wanted to improve your weightlifting technique, sign up below and stay posted for updates! We'll also send you a free copy of our FLIGHT Olympic Weightlifting Guide. It's full of tips, videos and resources to help improve your snatch, clean and jerk technique.